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hey im moving to maine tonight actually. ill be living in lewiston. i… - Maine Punks Unite

Feb. 22nd, 2005

04:26 pm

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hey im moving to maine tonight actually. ill be living in lewiston. i heart punk rock and will need to make some new friends there, i wont know anybody but my girlfriend.
I forgot all the things i had to wwrite to join, but my name is chris, im 18, right now, and untill 11:15 tonight, i live in michigan. Ive been in an alternative scene sence i can remember, i was never in with any other crowd i guess.
Lyrics to a song that desribes my life: Oi Song, by casualties. The song doesent make much sence and its really random. Much like me.
I like all forms of punk, but im not to big of a fan of emo, and really dont like the bands that sold out to Mtv, just because they should be put into a different catagory alltogether.
My favorite bands are: dead kennedys, misfits (old and new), boris the sprinkler, blatz, cheap sex, gg allin, sham 69, exploited, casualties, rancid, operation ivy, leftover crack, circle jerks, choking victim, lars fredrickson and the bastards, oi polloi, anal cunt, gbh, nofx, vandals, the unseen, pansy division, ect.
I like some other forms of music, like sopme techno, mindless self indulgence, aphex twins, ect.
well, i think thats all. any other questions ask, i guess. ide like to meet people, like i said. if you live in lewiston, leave me a message, or something.

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Current Music: fear- i love livin in the city


Date:February 24th, 2005 02:18 am (UTC)
hey. welcome. fear rocks dude. but you know that..
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