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Newbie - Maine Punks Unite

Mar. 25th, 2005

10:32 am - Newbie

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Linzy Grapejuice
15 & 5 months.
Favorite Bands:Some would describe me as scene.But im def not.Of course i like some of the bands that are heard all over the world..but i do like others. Shania Twain, Hanson, and the Backstreet Boys. just to name a few.
My brother(s) def. got me into the "punk scene" haha scene.
Lyrics to describe my life. JEW "It just takes some time little girl your in the middle of the ride everything .. will be alright"

Theres my gay app.. no discriminatin right...I cant wait to go back home.Give me sum info on good bands i should come listen to when im up there. or shows or parties..hah.

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: U2...hate it...older better