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Maine Punks Unite

We must be strong and beat the norm.

The Punk Rock Community for punks in Maine
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Anybody , Moderated
***This community was made for all the kids in Maine that are punk rock.

***There won't be an application or any crap to get in......for one, it's dumb, and for number two, I am WAY too lazy to write one.

***There will be some rules though...I mean...I don't feel like hearing..."Oh you're not punk you're a poser! Wah Wah," I mean come on. Just respect everyone, and you will get respect returned to you.

***Though, when you join the community, I would like something...just tell me your favorite lyric that describes your life...and also, tell me how you got into the punk scene.

***Sounds good to me. You can post anything you want...except porn or anything like that. Sick.


Alright, I decided there is like....a couple things for you to add:

**FaVoRiTe BaNdS**


--Yes...that is all I want.

***Wait-------ONE MORE THING--------------------------------------------------------------------------------*

.welcome to the community.

Oh yeah.....if you join.....PLEASE PROMOTE, (WO)MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!